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We introduced the SMARTBROW by DermStore on May 16th and promised to review the product. Well the verdict is in and we are a bit disappointed.  Here is our opinion:

“The product is best used by a professional makeup artist. We had a Makeup Artist Veteran use this product and she was not impressed with the makeup application.

Amateurs can try and use, but beware of putting on too much product at once. Also, the product was not permanent. It wiped off without using the special cleanser.

All in all, we prefer using an brow pencil or powder versus this product. Pencils give a more natural appearance and ability to build product for a natural or dramatic brow.”

This is our experience.  Yours may be different.  Have you used this product and feel differently about our review?  We would love to hear from you.

Your BFF,

Chris Jeannine

17 responses to “REVIEW: SMARTBROW

    • The lure of this brow is that is stays on longer. Most of the brow pencils can easily be wiped off. Be sure to set your eyebrows after applying them.

      Depending your pricepoint, we suggest any simply brand such as Color!n Eye & Lip Pencil $3.49 (Deep Coffee) and Clinique’s Instant Lip for Brows $16.50 (Soft Brown). Hope this helps.


  1. I have been using a Faber Castell kohl artist’s pencil for years, as did my mother before me. Perfect for ladies with black/dark brown eyebrows, NEVER smudges. I only have to sharpen it two or three times a year. These pencils last forever. Literally.


  2. Hi Silky Way – Is there a medium shade of: Faber Castell kohl artist’s pencil – in Medium Brown Color……??? that my natural shade – but I have highlight in my hair. Thanks. I have never done my eyebrows,… as the eyebrow pencils from way back were horrible,… as you had to bear down hard to “draw” was a hard pencil and not creamy at all –
    and it came out too dark in a straight line.


  3. Hi Roma! We are actually finalizing another SmartBrow review that includes alternatives options, but if we could make a suggestion to you now… Check out Clinique Instant Lift for Brows, which comes in a medium brown shade. It is creamy and you don’t have to bear down hard to make your brows look nice and full. Good luck!


  4. I use SmartBrow, and my experience is totally different from yours. For one thing, I viewed a video about how to apply and hints and tips about not using too much and that yes, you might need some practice. AND the brows STAY ON all day, and even the next day although they may lighten a bit by then. You can sweat, go to the beach (why I bought this product–tired of losing my brows while at the beach/pool), or even shower without this coming off.
    After I apply the two steps, and when it is starting to dry, I like to take a regular eyebrow brush and run that over the brows to finish off and soften the look.
    Works GREAT for me!
    Also saw the product on Amazon, but the DermStore prices were better plus they send you some nice samples with every order from their site.


    • Hi Mary Lynn! Thanks for visiting us at The Besty List. When it comes to beauty products, we know that their will be products that we love that others do not and vice versa. We appreciate your feedback and we are actually doing another review of this product. We are very happy that SmartBrow is working so well for you. Stay tuned for our updated review and… Thanks for leaving a comment!


  5. Hi Silky Way!
    I have very white hair, hazel eyes, light skin with rosy cheeks. What color eye brow pencil should I use? I have no brows at all. When younger, my hair was dark brown. I am presently using kohl.

    Thank you,


  6. Can somebody tell me how long a tube of smart brow lasts?? It is kind of expensive and I don’t mind the cost if I don’t have to replace it every month or two.


    • Hi Mary! That is a difficult question, because it depends on a few things such as how much product you apply per use, how frequently you are using it (Daily, Twice a Month, Only on Special Occasions). You would need to provide more info to get an accurate answer.

      Your BFF,
      Chris Jeannine


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